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Contingent Cargo Legal Liability

Contingent Cargo Legal Liability Insurance
for Brokers

* As of 5/1/12 we are only packaging this with motor carriers' cargo that have a brokerage division.

> We have exclusive in-house policies with $1500 minimum premium for the contingent cargo needs of a freight broker. 

This type of policy is designed to protect a transportation broker or freight forwarder against the liability assumed when making arrangements to move cargo for others.

Contingent Cargo Legal Liability provides coverage when a trucker's primary motor truck cargo policy fails to assume the responsibility for cargo loss or damage.

These policies respond to the legal liability that transportation brokers and freight forwarders assume under law.

Contingent Cargo ($1,500 minimum premium)
$100,000 Any One Occurrence (up to $500,000 optional)
$1,000 deductible ($2,500 optional)

Reefer breakdown coverage available as well.

* As of 5/1/12 we are only packaging this with motor carriers' cargo that have a brokerage division.

*We advise you to carefully review each and every policy you choose to protect your business so that you fully understand the extent of coverage and your responsibilities under the policy. If you have any questions on the policy format or coverage you should forward your questions to your insurance agent, who either answer the questions or present them to the insurance company for a response.

Over the years, Transure has always made decisions which were in the best interest of Grayson Mitchell, Inc.   We have saved a great deal of money and have been effective in improving our overall insurance program.  

John Rawls - Grayson Mitchell, Inc.

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We have a very good partnership with Transure which we feel resulted from their understanding of our business needs since they specialize in trucking insurance.  Their service and expertise has served us well over the years as their client.  

Ralph Linville - Southland Transportation Company, Inc.