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Trucking Insurance Products

We enjoy unique market relationships with insurance companies that recognize and respond to those exposures specific to the trucking industry.  From small fleets to sophisticated risk retention programs, we are capable of responding to your individual needs.

Transure can quote any type of trucking operation from LTL, TL, intermodal to tankers and hazardous waste haulers.

We have many various options offered by the different insurance companies we represent including the following:

  • No annual minimums vs 90% minimums

  • Zero down payment workers compensation (pay as you go)

  • No driver requirements for auto liability

  • Refund for experience endorsements (get back up to 25% of your premium for good losses)

We can offer quotes for fleets of 25 trucks or more on:

  • Workers Compensation
  • Occupational Accident (occ/acc)
    with contingent liability & true workers comp.
  • Excess/Umbrella Liability (up to $100 million)
  • Excess Liability with specified shipper or specified units



Due to the complexities of this coverage, one should not entrust this exposure to anyone other than an expert.

How many times have you been told your policy coverage(s) were "all risk" only to find warranties and exclusions "littering" your policy?

We negotiate every policy with our selected markets tailoring every policy to your true exposure. Do not accept second best.

We also created the first of its kind "refund for experience" program in the late 80s where our customers can earn up to 25% return of their premiums for cargo and physical damage.


Our resources are designed to facilitate the reporting of values and payment of premiums. Our in-house administration and claims services are second to none. We recognize our Insured's needs for fast, fair and efficient claims handling:  Downtime is costly!

We also created the first of its kind "refund for experience" program in the late 80s where our customers can earn up to 25% return of their premiums for physical damage and cargo.

Several of our physical damage companies offer additional outside towing limits.


The only thing consistent in Workers Compensation is "consistent change."

We at Transure stay abreast of the indices effecting pricing and coverage.  Our markets are poised to respond to these ever-changing exposures;
-Guaranteed Cost Programs
-Small Deductible Programs.
-Large Deductible Programs.
-Qualified Self-Insurance Programs.

*We advise you to carefully review each and every policy you choose to protect your business so that you fully understand the extent of coverage and your responsibilities under the policy. If you have any questions on the policy format or coverage you should forward your questions to your insurance agent, who either answer the questions or present them to the insurance company for a response.


Occupational Accident

This coverage can be very tricky depending one what state the independent contractors / owner operators are garaged and/or where the company is located.

Contact Andy Sharpe to learn our extensive options and why they are better than the competition.


Over the years, Transure has always made decisions which were in the best interest of Grayson Mitchell, Inc.   We have saved a great deal of money and have been effective in improving our overall insurance program.  

John Rawls - Grayson Mitchell, Inc.

Truck Insurance Bullet Points

We have a very good partnership with Transure which we feel resulted from their understanding of our business needs since they specialize in trucking insurance.  Their service and expertise has served us well over the years as their client.  

Ralph Linville - Southland Transportation Company, Inc.